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With so many competitor brands going after the same group of potential customers , digital marketing has become the sole key to making your business boom online. Digital marketing amplifies and exaggerates your message, and introduces your services or products to new customers, helping you build a brand that inspires loyalty.

In a recent survey, it was found that 62% of the online users are brand loyal, and this comes as a signaling call for the brands to take advantage of the loyalty and turn it into a long-term commitment.

A question that often arises is – what strategy are you going to undertake to build your brand online? Do you need a blog for it? Or, would a twitter page suffice? What about a Facebook page and an Instagram account? It becomes indispensable to think of all these elements that are crucial to the success of your website.

Customer expert Colin Show opines that customers usually don’t have a ‘price-related’ issue, rather it turns out to be majorly pertaining to service quality. The customers of this age are in full control of their shopping experience. The opportunities in front of them are countless – they get to compare the prices, buy from any device and expect a swift response. This scenario poses a challenge for the brands, and out of necessity the marketing strategy should be adapted to attract customers in their buying journey.

At IBCConnect we provide comprehensive digital marketing services. Irrespective of whether you are launching your brand online or looking to spruce up the marketing campaign strategy of your business – either ways we are always there to help you become successful in your online marketing efforts.

Take a look at the breakdown of the digital marketing services we have at IBCConnect

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
Search engine optimization

To some, digital marketing sounds like just another fancy word used in meetings. Or is it the real deal - a genuine marketing initiative that all brands have been looking for?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from organic, free, natural or editorial search results using the search engine. SEO, in short is the name given to enhance the search engine rankings. It targets a variety of search results – local search, image search, news search engines. Further, it helps you position a website at an lofty level in the buying process.

The upside of social media marketing lies in the fact that social media helps you connect with customers online in the social space. This helps you share knowledge about your services and products with others. When it comes to social media presence, Facebook tops the list. However, just having a page on Facebook is not worth it. A rigorous content marketing is the only way to garner engagement on your page. Also, the social media posts of a particular brand needs to be more relevant, and the engagement ought to be unfailingly “human”, so that you can provide more valuable content to your audience. Some of the key goals that content marketers focus on are lead generation, brand awareness, sales, lead nurturing, customer loyalty, customer evangelism and engagement.

Every email sent to a customer from an enterprise/brand can be considered a part of email marketing. It involves using emails to request business, send ads, solicits funds or sales. It is important that every mail carries a tag of customer loyalty, brand recognition and trust in a company or product. An effective way to stay connected with your customers, email marketing promotes your business and helps your message reach wider target markets easily.

social media marketing

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Create, Engage and Retain

Marketing Automation

Businesses have heard of it, many marketers have got infatuated with it, but at the end of the day, what does marketing automation actually mean? The tactics and software together forms the foundation for marketing automation, allowing companies to sell and buy like e-commerce giants – that is, to enhance prospects with useful content that helps garner more customers. This form of marketing automation generates typically new revenue for customers, thereby providing incredible returns on the investment required.

Marketing automation is not the easiest marketing initiative to execute! Marketing is the lifeblood of every enterprise-to-customer relationship. Once a company starts growing, it is almost impossible to maintain relationships with everyone. Sometimes at this juncture, businesses are in the habit of hiring a marketing director who can build conversion-centric, sales-driven programs at scale. After a definite stage, the marketing program of your company will get so huge that you wouldn’t be able to manage everything via word, excel spreadsheets and outlook. Then, you go for specialists, but in the end managing redundant tasks manually can become a problem.

The use of software to automate marketing procedures via customer data integration, customer segmentation and campaign management is marketing automation. Web based services and software are employed to manage, automate and execute processes and tasks. Marketing automation replaces repetitive and manual marketing processes with purpose-built applications and software geared in the direction of performance. Marketing automation makes manually performed tasks much more efficient and newer processes feasible. It is inevitably an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM).

A subset of customer relationship management, marketing automation focusses on scheduling, defining, tracking and segmenting marketing campaigns.

Three vital areas of online marketing that you can automate are:

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
Marketing automation

Software can be used to send certain emails automatically upon triggering events like choosing to sign a form, or subscribing to newsletters. If distribution is one way to automate your emails, then delivery is another. Another intelligent purpose of automation is to segmenting your emails, depending upon who opted in and out. Sales can be automated using emails with the help of autoresponders as well.

There are hundreds of third party software tools to let you distribute your valuable content across multiple social media platforms automatically. Further, you can also automate your social media for growth by engaging automatically with leads and followers. Landing pages pose as the third biggest sector for automation. Earlier it used to take a long time to design, coding them manually in CSS and HTML, but now templates have made the work easier.

At IBCConnect, we have a range of marketing automation services like:

  • Evaluation: we assess and evaluate every platform and let you choose the best out of many options, suitable for your business
  • Set Up and Support: our team configures the platform and supports your team at every step
  • Integration: we help you integrate CRM with marketing platform to allow information to flow seamlessly
  • Content Marketing: aligns your business goals continuously with your automation efforts, from distributing across appropriate channels to creating an editorial calendar. IBCConnect partners with you to deliver all your content requirements.

Partner with Us

At IBCConnect, we have years of experience in helping our clients develop successful demand creation strategy. With marketing automation, we have been able to provide a comprehensive array of demand generation services, which cover the whole lead life cycle. Since inception, IBCConnect has been managing automation systems. We partner with customers to help them manage and run marketing automation system, so its helps them garner better sales and leads.