Businesses Profiting From Each Other

Successful enterprises are founded upon strong business models. A general assumption prevails in the niche of businesses that a customer is the consumer, and that a business entity is the provider. This gives an impression that businesses and customers are poles apart.

B2B types is a type of business model, wherein exchange of goods and services takes place between many businesses. In this case, the customer is not involved and only has a role to play at the final stage. In B2B business models, both the enterprises benefit from each other and have relatable negotiating powers. Such a model employs legal counsel and professional staff – all of who are constantly involved in tie-ups with other businesses.

A business model as complex as B2B can be divided into various categories.

Buyer-Centric Model

This form of the business model is very popular amid large corporates, who get involved in transactions with higher purchasing capacity and better volume purchases. The company can set up a portal online to accept a quotation from sellers. Enterprises usually go with a seller that they deem is profitable after immense analysis.

Supplier Centric Model

This model forms the kind of business, wherein a supplier sets up a market place, intending to sell customized solutions to various enterprises. Suppliers price their solutions as per the needs of the buyer or client.

Intermediary Centric Model

In the market place, intermediaries ae the ones who provide a common platform for sellers and buyers to merge together and interact. Interactions can be in the form of plain communication or even transactions. The main goal of intermediaries is to maintain a database of sellers and earn profit from all these associations.

Samsung & Apple: B2B Business Model Example

Apple and Samsung have worked together on iPhone, and this collaboration is an epitome of the B2B business model. A reliable provider of processor chips for Apple, Samsung keeps an interesting business model with the iPhone manufacturer.

These companies are stuck with this B2B model as Samsung can meet the soaring demand of processors for Apple, and similarly latter pays a hefty amount for each Samsung processor.

Business to business marketing strategy is an online endeavor where enterprises can easily connect with other businesses through digital channels. Automated email marketing is a vital tool for B2B marketing and this can further streamline digital marketing.

Reaching More Channels

A foundation for B2B marketing strategy, email marketing helps you target more channels like social media without putting a hike on work load. This helps an enterprise reach their prospective customers in minimum time.

Tracking Your Analytics

B2B marketing strategy can be effective only if you can track your analytics, so that your campaign can be effective. B2B marketing helps in gathering and organizing data, so that you can easily track the performance of campaigns exhaustively.

Website Development

Maintaining a high quality attractive website can drive sales. Your website has to be optimized for search engines, employing a content strategy which helps to drive traffic to your site. Marketing helps in tailoring the content strategy, catering better to the audience’s interests. Analysis of analytics helps you determine successful content that produces more leads. Around 70% of all links that search users click are organic and not paid. Also, your website ranking lands you at a higher place on search engines.

Effective Utilization of Social Media

An incredible digital marketing tool, social media can fuel your B2B marketing campaign. Around 40% of B2B companies report that majority of their customers were acquired via twitter and LinkedIn.

Generating Traffic

Generation of traffic is a cornerstone for an impactful digital marketing campaign. One of the most effective tactics, blogging if conducted correctly can acquire huge traffic for your enterprise. Analytics can be used to help determine the source of your inbound links and the blogging timings.

Putting Business Goals First

A proper methodical strategy can help B2B marketing campaigns to thrive successfully. Marketing automation helps you in honing the most vital aspects of your marketing campaign. This helps you prioritize your campaign based on methodologies and channels – highly likely to generate leads.

Automated B2B Marketing

The right strategy can help you create ample business leads. IBCConnect helps your B2B business model to reach more channels in the shortest period of time. We also assist you with advanced data analysis, so that you gain insights required for optimizing your business strategy.

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